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medical waste removal disposal maryland washington dc virginia

All about Medical Waste Disposal Vol. 1

Patriot MedWaste understands the importance of the following protocol and complying when performing medical waste disposal. Our professional medical waste company thoroughly understands and obeys all regulations of medical waste disposal in Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland. We are also proactive in ensuring you stay in compliance when disposing of

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electronic waste disposal removal recycling washington dc maryland virginia

All about E-Waste Disposal Vol.1

We all have old, unused electronics laying around our house collecting dust and taking up space in our homes or offices. With new electronics coming out almost every month, it’s impossible to not have some old, outdated device lying around.   With Patriot Shredding E-Waste disposal, we take care of

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on site off site paper shredding maryland virginia washington dc

All about On-Site Shredding Vol. 1

On-Site Shredding is a the ultimate shredding service that provides trust of your documents destruction and the convenience of us arriving at your location. To understand just how truly great this service is, you need to understand the importance of document shredding.   Here are some great articles and resources

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hard drive destruction recycling washington dc maryland virginia

All about Hard Drive Destruction Vol. 1

At Patriot Shredding, we value the importance of educating our customers and soon-to-be customers and helping them understand how to better protect their sensitive information. That’s why we’ve started a series of volumes to help bring to light the importance of paper and hard drive shredding.   In this post,

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ditch your shredder paper shredding on site washington dc virginia maryland

Why You Should Ditch Your Paper Shredder Now

All businesses discard sensitive and confidential records, but many still rely on paper shredders to do so. Unfortunately, they’re not as secure or efficient as they appear to be. If you’re wondering why, here are several reasons to ditch your paper shredder: Your Time is Valuable As a business owner,

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FACTA disposal rule maryland washington dc white house virginia

The FACTA Disposal Rule and Its Impact on Your Business

The Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA) was enacted in 2003. Besides enabling consumers to request and obtain a free, annual credit report, the law contains provisions for preventing identity theft. FACTA’s Disposal Rule requires all companies who collect sensitive consumer information to destroy it when it’s no longer

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