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Inside a Commercial Shredding Operation

In a world rife with identity theft, digital security often gets top billing. But don’t forget: identity theft criminals also steal documents and files out of the trash to gain unauthorized access to confidential personal, medical and financial data. That’s why having a secure shredding solution is so important. Join

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Tips for Planning a Paper Purge

There’s a time when old documents and files need to be done away with. Paper purges keep your office clutter-free and your information confidential. When planning a paper purge for your business, follow these tips: Don’t Procrastinate The longer you wait to purge old, outdated records, the more this clutter

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Secure Destruction: It’s Not Just for Paper

You may already know that one of the most effective identity theft and business fraud prevention steps your business can take is to destroy documents that contain sensitive personal and financial information. But do you know that destruction isn’t just for paper? Your old hard drives also contain confidential data.

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Why Use a Locally Owned Shredding Service?

When it comes to choosing a shredding service provider you basically have two options:  1) Big National Company 2) Locally Owned Company Which option is best for you and your organization? Regarding option #1…Mom always said if you don’t have anything nice to say, find something nice to say. So

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