College Park Paper Shredding Services

Old records and dusty files are a wealth of information for data thieves eager to get their hands on sensitive information. The best way to ensure that sensitive data remains confidential is to shred it before prying eyes can take a peek. At Patriot Shredding, we go the extra mile to ensure the information stored by our clients in College Park is properly secured and thoroughly destroyed.

Contact Patriot Shredding at (240) 206-6030 to learn more about our document shredding services in College Park. It would be our pleasure to answer your questions and help you determine the best way to dispose of your old records.

Regulation-Compliant Paper Shredding in College Park

State and federal regulations require the proper storage and maintenance of documents including patient medical records, receipts, transaction records, bank statements, and employee records. Failure to comply can result in significant fines and penalties. We do our part to help our clients maintain compliance as the documents are transported from the client's site through disposal. When destruction is complete, we provide a comprehensive record of the process so that our clients never have to worry about falling out of compliance.

Efficient & Effective Paper Shredding in College Park

Mountains of old files and stacks of dusty documents need more than just a quick run through a desktop shredder. Our shredding services break up paper documents into the smallest possible size. This makes it impossible for data thieves to piece any valuable data back together. This helps protect the identity of individuals named within the files, financial records, and business secrets. Each of our trucks and mobile shredding systems holds up to 9,000 pounds of shredded material, which means we can do even the largest jobs in a single visit.

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On-Site & Remote Document Disposal in College Park

We offer both on-site and off-site shredding services throughout the region. This allows us to cater to our client's individual needs. We apply high-security standards in all situations and can tailor our operations to match client specifications. This makes us an ideal document shredding solution for offices, businesses, hospitals, government agencies, and private individuals. No job is too large, and no task too small for us to handle it efficiently and effectively.

Contact Patriot Shredding at (240) 206-6030 to discuss your specific document shredding needs. We will be happy to help you develop a comprehensive data destruction plan that is fully compliant with state and federal laws, as well as any regulations that are specific to your industry.

Eco-Friendly College Park Paper Shredding Services

When the paper is fully shredded, it's then recycled. Unlike incineration, this doesn't pollute the skies of Maryland, DC, or Northern Virginia. We are doing our part to ensure that future generations can enjoy clean air, beautiful skies, and green forests. We take pride in using energy-efficient shredding solutions that minimize our overall environmental impact on the region. You might even say that our operations make our competitors green with envy because when we complete a job, we leave absolutely nothing behind to indicate we were ever there. We're happy to say that our work simply vanishes into thin air.

Contact Patriot Shredding at (240) 206-6030 for more about our environmentally friendly paper shredding techniques. It's our pleasure to tell our clients the things we do to help protect the College Park environment without diminishing the effectiveness of the services we offer.


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