Virginia Hard Drive Destruction

Virginia Hard Drive Shredding Service

Patriot Shredding proudly offers secure mobile hard drive shredding services in Virginia. Our mobile trucks service the entire state, from Northern VA, to Richmond, to Norfolk, and everywhere in between. We are a locally owned and operated company headquartered in Rockville, MD that provides uncompromising security and unparalleled service for our clients. Our hard drive shredding equipment can shred hard drives into 2 millimeter pieces. It's the smallest hard drive shred size available in the nation.

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- Secure:  We employ the most secure destruction methods available, exceeding all federal requirements for secure destruction. We offer both on-site hard drive shredding and degaussing services.

Auditable: Our serialized reports and certificates of destruction establish necessary chain of custody documentation that protects your organization from any accusations of improper hard drive disposal.

Compliance: All Virginia hard drive destruction services are fully compliant with HIPAA, FACTA, GLB, & HITECH, as well as all NSA & DoD requirements.

Fully Insured: We carry $6 million in Professional and General Liability insurance policies, far more than the industry standard.

Efficient: Our hard drive destruction equipment can destroy up to 2,000 hard drives per hour.

Our Virginia hard drive destruction services  are available to both businesses and residents in Virginia.

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