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Top Three Challenges of Office Paper Shredders

Document shredding is essential to protecting the privacy of sensitive information regarding both your business and employees. Regardless of volume, these documents need to be destroyed effectively and quickly. Businesses may think they’re saving saving money by using office paper shredders, but they don’t realize how unreliable, and ultimately inconvenient,

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The Importance Of Electronics Recycling

Before you dispose of your unwanted electronics, we ask that you consider recycling them instead. Here are four reasons why electronics recycling is important: 1. Avoid Hazardous Chemical Leaks  There are hazardous elements inside certain parts of electronic devices. If e-waste is not disposed of properly, it can have harmful

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Benefits of Using a Paper Shredding Service For Business

No matter the size of your business, document shredding is essential for the protection of important information. Following is a list of benefits when using paper shredding services for your business. Data Security Storing old documents creates a liability. The Federal Trade Commission suggests having a sound security plan in

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An Overview of OSHA Regulations

Companies that manage Medical Waste and Biohazardous materials must maintain OSHA Compliance. Properly trained staff limits inherent dangers and reduces liability to the company. For detailed OSHA regulations visit the official OSHA website.   Provided below is an overview of OSHA Regulations:    Have a Plan Have a written exposure

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How Your Office Can Participate In Earth Day

Earth Day was created to inspire people to take responsibility for the impact of waste on the planet. Workplaces tend to have old documents and electronics that need to be disposed of responsibly.    Here are a few ways you can participate in Earth Day at the office:  1.    Recycle

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What To Do When Hard Drive Recovery Doesn’t Work

Hard drive recovery can be a complicated process, coming in many different forms.When you’ve exhausted all your options and the expensive hard drive recovery software isn’t working, the best option is to have your hard drive destroyed. DIY methods of destroying your hard drive will not guarantee all sensitive information

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