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Hard Drive Shredding

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Compliant Hard Drive
Destruction in Virginia & Maryland

Patriot Shredding Offers Secure On-Site Commercial Hard Drive Shredding

Patriot Shredding securely shreds, recycles, and safely disposes of every component of destroyed hard drives. We can provide certificates of destruction listing the serial numbers of each shredded hard drive providing you with tangible evidence of compliance with information security laws, as well as proof that you have appropriate privacy protection methods in place for shredding hard drives. This defensible position could save your business millions of dollars and ensure that you’re not affected by a catastrophic data breach.

Efficient, Secure Shredding Services

Our state of the art hard drive shredding trucks “out-shred” the competition, shredding at more than double the average rate. This efficiency translates into significant cost savings for your organization as well as reduced time on-site. Our hard drive shredding services are utilized by federal and state government agencies, heavily-regulated defense contractors, and security-conscious businesses and organizations of all sizes.


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Patriot Shredding Has Downstream Data Coverage
Patriot Shredding has NAID AAA Certification

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