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Patriot Shredding E-waste for out dated hardware

Outdated Hardware

We developed our e-waste division to facilitate increasing requests from our commercial clients. Today’s businesses are upgrading electronics faster than ever due to technological advancement and affordable pricing. 

Upgrading a device such as a desktop computer, laptop, or cell phone creates a stockpile of obsolete electronics that, if not disposed of properly, could contaminate established waste streams or end up in landfills.

Responsible Disposal

Patriot Shredding works closely with several R2-certified downstream vendors to ensure all recoverable material makes its way back to market as a post-consumer recycled or upcycled product. 

Equipment and devices in good working order can be refurbished and re-used, and other items can be broken down and source-separated, so plastics, glass, and metals can be recycled through more traditional means. 

Our commitment to providing responsible disposal keeps our landfills free of the environmental hazards associated with e-waste. All hard drives and data storage devices are sanitized and/or physically destroyed before recycling, so your confidential data is never compromised.

Patriot Shredding Responsible Disposal Electronic Recycling

Types of Electronics We Recycle

  • Desktop/laptop computers: Computers of any kind can contain a huge amount of unsecure data, even if you’ve wiped the drives. Laptops can retain access to networks and wireless equipment via saved credentials.
  • Cell phones: Every unsecured and unrecycled cell phone represents exposure to data leakage, social engineering, and other security threats.
  • Data storage devices and media: Make sure your old hard drives, pen drives, CDs, and other data storage devices and media are shredded properly and securely.
  • Other hardware: Have other e-waste you need to be rid of? Patriot Shredding will be glad to help you recycle it safely and completely for peace of mind and compliance with relevant policies.

Remember, the security risk of unsecured e-waste extends beyond simple access to whatever data happens to be left on the equipment. Data deleted from hard drives and other storage can be found if it wasn’t “bleached” with appropriate software, and access to old cell phones and other hardware can give access to private networks or enable social engineering via text or email.

Patriot Shredding Has Downstream Data Coverage
Patriot Shredding has NAID AAA Certification

R2 Certification

R2-certified vendors adhere to responsible recycling best practices under the R2 standard, which is overseen by the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC).


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