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Patriot Shredding Systems Integration

Systems Integration

Patriot Shredding is committed to providing the best levels of customer service. By leveraging the latest industry technology and equipment, we have created a frictionless customer experience which truly sets us apart from our competitors. Our seamless transition between set-up, service, reporting, and invoicing translates to fewer interruptions and less down time for our customers.

Our Fleet

Our commitment to up-time has driven us to invest in a modern fleet and focus on scheduled, preventative maintenance ensuring our vehicles run efficiently and our clients receive service when expected. Our entire fleet is model year 2016 or later and all vehicles are GPS tracked and fitted with dual-facing dash cams for added levels of security. Our mobile shred trucks house Alpine Shredders and our latest acquisition produces the fastest shredding throughput in production today at 13,000lbs per hour.

Patriot Shredding Fleet
Patriot Shredding Reporting

Data & Reporting

We utilize the latest software to ensure seamless data transfer between the client site and ours. Having fully integrated systems allows us to track, monitor, and communicate with our teams in the field and provide immediate responses and solutions. The transfer of data enables us to manage, update, review, and approve information real-time, mitigating the risk of manual error and ensuring accurate billing and reporting for our clients.

Secure Containers

We offer a full range of secure bins and consoles to suit the needs of each customer and provide equipment that works with each office space. Our containers allow us to appropriately and conveniently place equipment throughout client sites ensuring we meet volume requirements and accessibility concerns. 

patriot shredding drop off console
Patriot Shredding Has Downstream Data Coverage
Patriot Shredding has NAID AAA Certification

Container Options

  • 9 Gallon PDC
  • 24” Mini Console
  • 36” Standard Console 
  • 64 Gallon Secure Tote 
  • 96 Gallon Secure Tote


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