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All about Medical Waste Disposal Vol.6

1. A (Brief) History of Medical Waste Removal Believe it or not, medical waste management, removal and disposal is still a rather new topic considering the hundreds of years behind medical treatments and innovation. We started realizing the need for proper medical waste removal when, in the late 1980s, beaches were

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All about On-site Shredding Vol.5

1. Mobile Document Shredding Service – 10 Good Reasons to Hire a Professional Paper Shredder Thanks to new laws passed by the government, creating a document shredding plan have become a part of doing business. This is to keep non-public information handled by businesses and organizations secure and to prevent identity

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All about Hard Drive Destruction Vol.5

1. Important Reasons for you to Hire a Hard Drive Shredding Company Most offices have a problem of unnecessary data taking up space on computer hard drives as well as hard copies. It is possible that your office now looks old and overcrowded and in most cases, your entire system finally

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All about E-Waste Disposal Vol.5

1. The Biggest Problem With E-Waste? What We Don’t Know When your phone stops working or you trade up for a newer model, where does it go? Like any electronic device — from laptops to lamps, washing machines to flat-screen TVs — it doesn’t just disappear. It becomes electronic waste, or e-waste — a fast-growing category

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medical waste disposal washington dc virginia maryland

All about Medical Waste Disposal Vol.5

1. What are the Different Types of Medical Waste – and Why are They Important? What is Medical Waste? Medical waste is any waste that is generated as a by-product of healthcare work at doctor’s surgeries, dentists, hospitals and laboratories.Healthcare waste includes any material that could come into contact with the

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Difference Between Onsite Shredding & Offsite Shredding

It doesn’t matter whether documents are personal or business-related, their safety is very important. Safeguarding the document is our priority. If documents are no longer needed, document destruction is required. To maintain safety of your business and protect it from identity theft- taking help of a professional shredding company is

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