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All about E-Waste Disposal Vol.9

The Rise In Electronic Recycling


computer hardware in recycling bin

Before the age of “smart” devices, people didn’t have many electronics or devices. The few they might have had, like a TV set or kitchen appliances, were simple but meant to last long; there was no need for electronic recycling. In this new age of technology, cellphone devices are changed out or upgraded often. Laptops or computers also usually last 6-7 years before wearing out. With this new cycle of upgrade and “smarter” devices, people are cycling through a lot more devices and e-waste is becoming a serious issue.


The scale of e-waste in 2020 is large if you consider how inexpensive and readily available electronics are across the world. Unfortunately, the process of recycling electronics is difficult and can be dangerous when done incorrectly. You can rely on Patriot Shredding to help with all of your electronic recycling needs. Learn more here about how Patriot Shredding handles e-waste. Contact us today to schedule a pick-up or drop-off or call us at (240) 206-6030.


Article Source: www.ewaste1.com

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