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Top Three Challenges of Office Paper Shredders

Document shredding is essential to protecting the privacy of sensitive information regarding both your business and employees. Regardless of volume, these documents need to be destroyed effectively and quickly. Businesses may think they’re saving saving money by using office paper shredders, but they don’t realize how unreliable, and ultimately inconvenient, simple office paper shredders can be. Let’s take a look at some of three biggest challenges below:

1. High Maintenance

Most office paper shredders are not equipped to handle large amounts of paper at a time, even if they are advertised as such. You will have to be careful not to overload the equipment, because when that happens, you’re looking at a time consuming repair and a whole lot of frustration. 

2. Time Consuming 

Since office paper shredders are so sensitive, a lot of time is wasted placing papers in, piece by piece, rather than shredding a whole bin at once. Also, be prepared to set aside plenty of time to remove staples so that the shredder isn’t damaged (Refer back to point 1). 

3. Susceptible to Security Breaches 

In the opening paragraph, we stated that the sensitive documents regarding your business and employees must be destroyed effectively and quickly. If the office paper shredder is out of order, or the documents are piling high because the shredder can’t keep up, this will increase liability.


Patriot Shredding’s On-Site Shredding Service is the best solution for document destruction. Documents are destroyed on-site, and we work closely with our clients to customize a schedule that suits their business needs. We also utilize the latest technology and equipment so you can rest assured that sensitive data is safe in our hands. Check out this article for more benefits of using Patriot Shredding service. Get a fast quote to keep your business safe and secure. 


Our Mobile Service also extends to Hard Drive Shredding, learn more here.

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