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Difference Between Onsite Shredding & Offsite Shredding

It doesn’t matter whether documents are personal or business-related, their safety is very important. Safeguarding the document is our priority. If documents are no longer needed, document destruction is required. To maintain safety of your business and protect it from identity theft- taking help of a professional shredding company is best instead of destroying confidential/important document manually. That’s why you should consider offsite and onsite shredding.

There are two types of shredding services: Onsite shredding and offsite shredding.

Onsite Shredding and Offsite Shredding Services

Onsite Shredding Services

In onsite shredding or mobile document shredding, we come to your location with our shredding truck as per the schedule (agreed on beforehand). We then shred the documents or hard drives immediately before leaving your premises.

Onsite Shredding Service Features Include:

  • Immediate Shredding:- With mobile shredding service within minutes, your documents will be shredded in front of your eyes.
  • Real-Time Shredding:- If you wish, you can watch how your documents are being taken to the shredding unit. The documents are destroyed and turned to bits of paper.
  • Mobile or onsite shredding is a simple, trustworthy process and there is no chance of mistake.
  • You will receive shredding certificate immediately.
  • Onsite Shredding is secure.

Offsite Shredding Services

In plant based destruction or offsite shredding, the shredding service provider comes to your location, collects the documents, pours them into the shred bin, and takes them to their location where the documents are then destroyed.

Offsite Shredding Service Features Include:

  • Imminent Shredding :- With offsite document/data shredding, the destruction may be imminent but not immediate. The service provider may take hours or days from the time they have collected the document from your location.
  • No real time destruction:- If the shredding service provider is NAID Certified – they will have video surveillance of your document being destroyed.
  • You will get the shredding certificate once the shredding is done at their location and not immediately.
  • Offsite shredding may not be secure as Onsite Shredding.

We at Patriot Shredding put more of an emphasis on our mobile shredding services. We believe our mobile shredding services are the best, most secure way of your document or hard drive destruction solution. Call us today or contact us for more information.

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