Medical Waste Disposal in Bethesda, MD

Medical waste isn't something you want laying around your facility. Disposal of medical waste should continue uninterrupted throughout the year, regardless of holiday schedules or weather forecasts. At Patriot MedWaste, we ensure that our clients in Bethesda have reliable medical waste removal technicians they can depend on to remove medical waste promptly and without problems. We service hospitals, outpatient clinics, nursing homes, and any facility throughout the region that requires medical waste disposal services.

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Proper Disposal of Medical Waste

Medical waste disposal starts with the proper classification and segregation of waste materials. Employees must receive training on how to dispose of each type of waste. This helps reduce disposal cost while keeping the facility compliant. We provide clients with the tools and training required to ensure that medical waste is properly managed prior to pick up and disposal.

No matter the type of medical waste that you need to dispose of, Patriot MedWaste is here for you. General medical waste, infectious medical waste, or hazardous waste requires specialized care and handling, and Patriot MedWaste is happy to dispose of these while following all medical regulations.

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Adherence to Medical Waste Disposal Standards

Compliance is crucial for safety. That is why our technicians are thoroughly trained in the applicable safety standards and established regulations regarding the disposal of medical waste. The OSHA Compliance Program is the bedrock we have built our business upon.

We work closely with our clients so that standards are adhered to at every stage of the disposal process. This includes thorough record keeping that identifies when, where, how, and by whom the waste was disposed of. You can depend on Patriot MedWaste to keep your operations compliant with both state and federal waste disposal standards.

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At Patriot MedWaste, we provide a solution that allows you to continue to focus on serving your clients or patients, without fear of medical waste disposal risk. We will be proactive to ensure your company is compliant, and offer affordable solutions that help you manage your budget.

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