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Secure Confidential Information With Our Shredding Services

Businesses generate large amounts of documents every day, many of which have confidential business information, sensitive consumer information, or protected health information. To ensure none of this falls into the wrong hands, it’s essential to have solid document destruction protocols and a traceable, verifiable method to destroy or shred sensitive materials.

At Patriot Shredding, we’re a leading document shredding company in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and the Washington, DC area. We offer on-site commercial shredding services and secure shredding at our facility in Rockville, MD, with a schedule that meets your facility’s needs. We destroy all documents, hard drives, and electronic media and provide a certificate of destruction to verify your documents have been disposed of properly.

Our company is NAID AAA certified to ensure a secure chain of custody, and we comply with all state, federal, and industry-specific laws pertaining to the protection of confidential information and document destruction. Our services meet the standards outlined in the following laws and regulations:

  • HIPAA: Prevents unauthorized disclosure of protected health information (PHI).
  • HITECH: Ensures consumer notification if a breach of unsecured PHI occurs.
  • FACTA: Ensures personally identifiable information (PII) in credit transactions is protected with proper document destruction.
  • GLBA: Requires banks to develop privacy notices and allow consumers to opt out of third-party sharing of PII.
  • Sarbanes–Oxley Act: Requires that companies create a comprehensive data security strategy to protect financial information.

Types of Documents That Should Be Securely Destroyed

Any document that contains sensitive business information, personally identifiable information, or protected health information should be handled and destroyed securely in compliance with document retention requirements, including:

  • Tax documents
  • Contracts
  • Financial records
  • Employee records
  • Patient records
  • Invoices
  • Purchase orders
  • Patent applications or intellectual property

We can process large volumes of documents, and we offer ongoing shredding services with flexible schedules to meet the demands of your facility, from weekly to monthly or quarterly pick-ups.

Service You Can Depend On

We work closely with our clients to ensure our service is as seamless as possible. We customize schedules to meet the needs of each customer and can accommodate periodic service requests and scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly pick-ups. 

Bin delivery is always free, and we offer a range of secure, locked containers ranging from 36-gallon consoles with anti-phishing paper deflectors and custom inserts to locked 64- and 96-gallon wheeled shred totes to suit any office environment. 

Patriot Shredding Off-Site Shredding
Patriot Shredding Specialists Are Licensed, Bonded, & Insured Professionals Who Operate Under Our NAID AAA Certification

Certified, Trained & Insured

Our data destruction specialists are background screened, drug tested, and undergo compliance training and testing before ever handling sensitive data. Our specialists are licensed, bonded, and insured professionals who operate under our NAID AAA certification and adhere to strict destruction protocols and secure chain of custody controls.

Our team is tracked and monitored in real time using the latest GPS tracking technology and uses the latest tools and software to seamlessly transfer data between client sites and Patriot Shredding headquarters.

Patriot Shredding Has Downstream Data Coverage
Patriot Shredding has NAID AAA Certification

Our Clients Enjoy:

  • NAID AAA certified operations and processes
  • Full compliance with state, federal, and industry-specific laws and regulations
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Licensed and bonded employees
  • Proven data destruction capabilities
  • Excellent cost-control benefits
  • Accurate reporting
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