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Government Shredding & Disposal Services in Washington, DC & Maryland

Secure handling and disposal of sensitive information is especially important for government agencies and any contractors or vendors working for them. Improper handling of materials could pose a risk to government employees, the public, or even national security. 

Whether your facility needs to dispose of personnel records, tax information, or sensitive electronic media, Patriot Shredding is qualified and equipped to process your materials safely and securely while complying with all applicable laws and standards.

Our company serves municipal offices, government agencies, military facilities, federal contract companies, and more. We provide document shredding, media destruction, electronics recycling, with certificates of destruction available as required. 

We’re NAID AAA-certified, and our personnel are screened, background-checked, and thoroughly trained. Our state-of-the-art vehicles have the latest technologies for secure onsite document destruction, and we serve clients throughout Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Washington, DC.

Choose Patriot Shredding for secure, verifiable destruction of your facility’s most sensitive information. 

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Document & Hard Drive Shredding Experts

Government offices produce thousands of documents daily and immense amounts of digital information. Even the most mundane records can contain personally identifiable information or sensitive data, so when documents, media, and hard drives age out of retention requirements or are replaced by newer technologies, it’s important to dispose of them securely and safely.

At Patriot Shredding, we offer document shredding and hard drive shredding services that are secure, verifiable, and compliant with all standards applicable to handling sensitive or classified materials. 

We offer onsite and drop-off document shredding and can provide secure bins and containers to make the process seamless and convenient. Our shredding services are available weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or on custom schedules to keep up with your facility’s needs.

Our hard drive shredding services completely destroy the digital information the devices contain and the physical media itself. 

We securely destroy hard drives, optical media, flash drives, magnetic tape cartridges, and more, and the materials are processed for recycling afterward.

Safe & Secure

When you choose Patriot Shredding for document disposal, your organization can be sure that its sensitive information is safe and handled properly. 

Our security protocols include:

1. Compliance with all federal laws and data security standards: We meet all HIPAA, HITECH, FACTA, and GLBA data security requirements, as well as NSA, DoD, and NIST standards.

2. Secure transportation and tracking during transit: We feature late-model 2016 or newer vehicles that are secure, GPS-tracked, and equipped with dual-facing dash cameras to reliably monitor and track materials during transit.

3. Secure containers: We offer a variety of secure bins, consoles, and containers as a convenient place to store sensitive documents until destruction, complete with anti-phishing features and capacities of up to 96 gallons. 

We can provide as many containers as you need to meet your volume and accessibility requirements.

Classified Destruction Professionals

When you need a fully compliant way to dispose of classified magnetic media (hard drives, data tapes, etc) securely at your government facility or office, trust Patriot Shredding. Under your direct supervision, we use NSA-approved equipment and procedures to securely destroy all your classified material onsite.


We’re well-versed in applicable secure, compartmentalized information procedures, and we’ll ensure all media are properly sanitized and destroyed before they leave your SCIF or secure facility. 

We follow all NSA, DoD, and NSA standards, including NSA Storage Device Declassification Manual 09-12, NISPOM (DoD 5220.22M), and NIST SP 800-88.

Trust Patriot Shredding

Since 2010, Patriot Shredding has been at the forefront of data security for consumers, commercial facilities, and government agencies throughout the DMV area. 

When you need a reliable partner for secure shredding, hard drive destruction, media disposalelectronics recycling, and more, we’re here to help.

We offer reliable, secure services, flexible scheduling, accurate reporting, and custom invoicing and payment options. 

Whether you need a few documents destroyed or ongoing, regular service, we can handle any volume of material with exceptional service, friendly personnel, and secure, reliable results.

Request a quote for secure document or hard drive shredding, classified data destruction, and more in Maryland, Virginia, or DC.

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Patriot Shredding has NAID AAA Certification

Hard Drive History

The first production hard drives were introduced in 1957 and were the size of two medium-sized refrigerators! The total storage capacity was only 3.75MB, enough to store one digital photo today.


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