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All about On-Site Shredding Vol. 1

On-Site Shredding is a the ultimate shredding service that provides trust of your documents destruction and the convenience of us arriving at your location. To understand just how truly great this service is, you need to understand the importance of document shredding.


Here are some great articles and resources that we pulled together to help explain the importance of document shredding and trusting the source that destroys that information.


1. 11 Fun and Fascinating Facts About Document Shredding

Patriot Shredding On-Site Shredding ServiceDocument shredding may seem like some boring, unnecessary task but it’s actually a very important task that has a rich and interesting history! In this article, they break document shredding down into easy “bite-sized” nuggets of fun and fascinating facts. We want to first peek your interest towards document shredding, but then also help you understand the importance of it as well.

At Patriot Shredding, we value the safety of your information and we’re experts at what we do, but we aren’t going to speak “expert” jargon at you. We don’t want to hide what we’re doing, but instead bring the information to you at a level that you’ll understand, so you can trust that your information is safe and secure in the destruction process. That’s why we offer On-Site Shredding paper services, where you can schedule a time for us to drive to your location, whether home or business, and you can witness us shred your documents on-site. Thus breaking down the barrier, and bringing you honest, convenient, and secure shredding services.

Article source: fileshred.net


2. Corporate Shredding: The value of confidential document destruction

Patriot Shredding On-Site Shredding ServiceIt may not seem like a big deal to get rid of your old, outdated documents. Whether your personal or business documents, it’s easy to just throw them in the company or home trash or even environmentally-friendly if you recycle them. But what you might not realize is that puts your or your businesses sensitive information at risk. Even with information that doesn’t seem like “sensitive” or important information, to computer hackers or criminals looking to steal your identity, lazily thrown away documents can be a goldmine of information and the next step towards stealing your information.

With this article, we wanted to help you better understand the value of confidential document destruction. Not only does it help remove the waste from your home or office, but it also helps give you confidence that yours, or your customers, information is safe and secure.

Don’t ever worry about your document or hard drive shredding needs again, with Patriot Shredding, proudly serving Maryland, Virginia, and D.C. Contact us today.

Article source: computerweekly.com

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