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One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure: The Perils of Not Shredding

The saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” has never been more true. In an age where hardcopy and digital data proliferates at a breakneck pace, the likelihood of sensitive information landing in the trash is at an all time high. In this blog we discuss why having a secure shredding solution is a must.

Yes, Dumpster Diving Is a Threat

Often, businesses downplay the threat of dumpster diving, instead ranking network security over physical protection of documents and data. But since dumpsters are easy targets for identity theft and business fraud criminals, the physical security of your information shouldn’t be ignored. Negligently tossed documents containing social security, credit card and bank routing numbers yield big money on the black market. And if a privacy breach happens on your watch, your business can face stiff legal challenges and irreversible brand damage.

A paper shredding service ensures a strict chain of custody process during final disposition of your records. On a pre-determined schedule or as-needed basis, a background-screened, uniformed professional arrives at your business, collects your unwanted paperwork and destroys it immediately with a mobile shredding vehicle. Your documents are reduced to minuscule, undecipherable particles, so no information is visible. When the shredding process is finished, you are issued a Certificate of Destruction.

Your Digital Media Is Also At Risk

Besides stealing paper documents from dumpsters and trash receptacles, thieves also steal carelessly discarded digital devices. There are many opportunities to do so, as businesses constantly cycle through mobile phones, laptops and portable data storage devices. Even after erasing those old devices, a footprint of sensitive data remains. As a result, it’s important to have a secure destruction solution for your unwanted digital media.

With a hard drive shredding service, a mobile shredding vehicle arrives at your business on a scheduled or as-needed basis. A screened shredding technician collects your hard drives, tapes and optical media, records the serial numbers from each device, and feeds them through the shredder. In a matter of minutes, your media is reduced to tiny particles.

At the completion of your shredding project, you are given a Certificate of Destruction as proof of your compliance with state and federal privacy laws.

Physical theft of documents and data is a real threat. Now is the time to step up your privacy protection efforts and ensure that your trash doesn’t become somebody else’s “treasure.”

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