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How to Prevent Your Confidential Documents from Ending up Halfway across the Globe

Like many people, from time to time, you may toss an unwanted document in a recycling bin and think nothing more of it. After all, out of sight means out of mind right? But did you know unwanted documents can end up halfway across the world? Every year, millions of tons of recycled documents are shipped overseas to countries such as China for recycling.

Why is this a big deal? Your confidential client and employee data and sensitive financial information could be stolen and you may never find out how. Read on to learn how you can prevent this from happening.

Don’t Recycle without Shredding First

A corporate recycling program contributes to a healthy environment. But recycling should never serve as a substitute for document shredding. Too often, sensitive documents are tossed in recycling bins without being destroyed first.

A shredding and destruction service combines secure document destruction and recycling. After your documents are destroyed onsite with a mobile shredding truck or offsite at a shredding plant, the shredded paper is baled and recycled. As a result, your company receives a two-for-one privacy protection and paper recycling solution. 

Ditch the Office Shredder

Your office shredder isn’t as secure as you think, especially considering that anyone can dig through your trash and grab those bags of shredded documents. An on-site shredding service lets you ditch your office shredder for a more secure privacy protection solution. Locked shred bins and consoles are placed in your office, allowing your employees to dispose of paper files without having to remove staples, paperclips or even folders. The contents of the containers are collected weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and destroyed on-site at your business. 

Verify It’s Been Shredded

When it comes to document shredding, never trust someone’s word. Always verify your documents have been shredded. Fortunately, with a mobile paper shredding service, you can watch your documents shredded first hand. Whether your documents are destroyed onsite or offsite, you should always receive a Certificate of Destruction which notes the time and date of shredding.

Choose a Locally-Owned Shredding Provider

Unlike a nationally-owned shredding corporation that views your business purely in terms of dollars and cents, a locally-owned shredding provider genuinely cares about your company and protecting its information. Their reputation is at stake every time they shred your documents, They do their own shredding rather than ship your documents overseas for shredding and destruction.

No one wants their information to end up on the other side of the world. Use these tips to protect your documents and their contents.

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