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Where Does My Paper End Up? Understanding the Shredding Process

You might be feeling confident that you’ve got a handle on your document disposal practices. After all, in today’s world, where identity theft and business fraud are on the rise, shredding old and unwanted paper records is the sensible thing to do.

But do you really know where your paperwork ends up?

If you’re not using professional paper shredding service, your documents could sit for years in a landfill or end up in the hands of a criminal. In this blog, we discuss how professional paper shredding offers a secure and environmentally sustainable process for destroying paper records.

Step 1: Document Collection

Do you have a pile of documents you’ve been meaning to shred, but don’t have the time or energy to do it?

Fussing with an office shredder that often jams is a headache. A professional shredding service makes it easy to dispose of confidential documents. Your shredding provider delivers locking bins and consoles to your facility at no charge and places them in offices, mailrooms and next to copiers. As a result, you dispose of sensitive information quickly and in a fraction of the time it takes to use an office shredder for document shredding.

Step 2: Scheduled Shredding

On a pre-determined schedule or as-needed basis, a background-screened, uniformed professional empties your shredding consoles. They take the contents to a mobile shredding vehicle for on-site destruction. In as little as a few minutes, your documents are reduced to minuscule, undecipherable particles, so no information is visible. When the shredding process is finished, you are issued a Certificate of Destruction.

Step 3: Recycling

Using blue bins to dispose of sensitive, confidential documents may seem like the right thing to do, but in reality it puts your information at risk. Documents can easily be taken from blue bins by cleaning crews, maintenance staff, office visitors or dishonest employees. On-site shredding incorporates a closed-loop process for destroying and recycling shredded documents. After destruction, your paper fragments are taken to the recycling facility. There, the shredded paper is baled, processed and made into other paper products.

To ensure your information is destroyed securely and in an environmentally sustainable manner, use a professional shredding service for all your document disposal needs.

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