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Why You Should Recycle Your Electronic Waste

Whether it’s for your home or business, you have probably
found yourself dealing with electronic waste. Businesses and families have been
using and relying on personal electronics and devices for the last 20 years, meaning
20 years’ worth of electronic waste piling up. It might seem easy to just throw
the e-waste away, but the safe and responsible way to dispose of your electronic
waste is to hire a
like Patriot Shredding, who can help to properly recycle it.



If you are unsure if recycling is actually necessary or not,
here’s some reasons why you should recycle your electronic waste:


Health & Safety Concerns

When electronics aren’t disposed of
properly, they end up in landfills which can lead to serious pollution in that
surrounding area. Electronic devices are made up of several different types of
dangerous metals and materials that can contaminate soil and water when
improperly disposed of. Water and soil nearby landfills with electronic waste
often show signs of chemical leaching and test positive for poisonous material
such as lead, mercury, and cadmium. This is becoming a real issue, with the
amount of electronic waste currently present in landfills, that other
are talking about the health concerns as well.


At Patriot Shredding, we work with a number
of R2
certified vendors
to ensure that all recoverable materials are either recycled
or upcycled. R2 certified vendors are overseen by the Technical Advisory
Committee (TAC) to ensure that they’re adhering to the R2 standard of best
responsible recycling practices.


Landfills Are Filling Up

The protection of our environment is a conversation
that comes up often, but one large conversation that is not spoken about enough
is how much landfills are filling up with electronic waste. According to a 2019
UN Environment Report,
the world produces around 50 million tons of electronic waste a year and
only an estimated 20% of that waste is formally recycled. Others within
the technology community are also speaking
about this environmental issue and the large amount of electronic devices being
created and thrown away after a short amount of time.


Shredding is committed to providing
responsible disposal that keeps our
landfills free of environmental hazards associated with e-waste. By ensuring
that you or your business is responsibly recycling your e-waste, you can help
reduce the amount of electronic ending up in landfills.


Privacy & Security

The last reason you should recycle your electronic
waste is for your privacy and security. This is a topic that Patriot Shredding
takes seriously – so seriously, it’s in our motto: “Defending Your Right To
Privacy”. By properly recycling your e-waste, you’re ensuring that all parts of
your device are properly destroyed – including your sensitive information.


In addition to electronics recycling,
Patriot Shredding also offers hard
drive shredding
. Meaning, if you have any old electronics devices
containing hard drives, Patriot Shredding will be able to securely shred the
hard drive and responsibly recycle the device, thus ensuring your privacy and


There are many other reasons why you should
be recycling your e-waste, but we believe these are three of the biggest ones.
At Patriot Shredding, we want to make sure that properly disposing of your
electronic waste is easy and convenient for your home or business. Contact us today to
learn more about how we can help.

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