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What To Do When Hard Drive Recovery Doesn’t Work

Hard drive recovery can be a complicated process, coming in many different forms. When you’ve exhausted all your options and the expensive hard drive recovery software isn’t working, the best option is to have your hard drive destroyed. DIY methods of destroying your hard drive will not guarantee all sensitive information is removed. Your data is not gone unless every piece of the storage device is professionally destroyed, and other experts agree.


Cyber criminals are often on the lookout for used hard drives so they can recover and use your data however they see fit. This is their area of expertise. The best thing you can do in a situation where you are unable to recover your hard drive is to make sure it’s properly destroyed and disposed of through a process called hard drive shredding.


Hard Drive Shredding is important for many reasons, specifically the following:


      Clears Out Clutter: Hanging onto old devices full of old hard drives takes up a significant amount of space over time.

      Prevents Data Breaches: Protect sensitive information stored within your personal devices or company’s database such as analytics, trade secrets, communications, payment information, and personal forms of identification.

      Prevents Costly Mistakes: If a cybercriminal gains access to sensitive information pertaining to your clients, employees, or even yourself, you could face fines, lawsuits, or a damaged reputation.

      Better for the Environment: Proper disposal prevents electronic devices from overflowing landfills with hazardous materials that are extremely toxic to the environment.


Patriot Shredding securely shreds, recycles, and safely disposes of every component of destroyed hard drives. This could save your business millions of dollars and ensure that you’re not affected by a catastrophic data breach. Our hard drive shredding services are utilized by federal and state government agencies, heavily regulated defense contractors, and security-conscious businesses and organizations of all sizes.

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