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How Your Office Can Participate In Earth Day

Earth Day was created to inspire people to take responsibility for the impact of waste on the planet. Workplaces tend to have old documents and electronics that need to be disposed of responsibly. 


Here are a few ways you can participate in Earth Day at the office: 

1.    Recycle Electronic Waste – E-cycle your old computers, monitors, and other electronics! Recycling e-waste is easy with Patriot Shredding because we provide a drop-off location and will work with you for scheduled pick up. 

2.    Paper Free Day – Be environmentally conservative and skip using paper. No printing. No copying. You’d be surprised at how much you can still accomplish without paper.  

3.    Purge Old Documents – Schedule a time to shred old paperwork. Patriot Shredding can either pick-up your paper or do on-site shredding. By having paper professionally shredded you’re ensuring that it is being recycled and staying out of a landfill.


Recycling e-waste and shredding paperwork are great ways to participate in Earth Day. Patriot Shredding provides fully secure, reliable, and costeffective data destruction solutions throughout DC, Maryland, & Virginia.

Request a quote today and do your part for the earth!

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