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An Overview of OSHA Regulations

Companies that manage Medical Waste and Biohazardous materials must maintain OSHA Compliance. Properly trained staff limits inherent dangers and reduces liability to the company. For detailed OSHA regulations visit the official OSHA website.
Provided below is an overview of OSHA Regulations: 

Have a Plan

Have a written exposure control plan that all employees can easily access at all times

Practice Universal Precautions

All employees should treat any bodily fluids they come in contact with as if they were infectious.

Sharps Safety Awareness

Sharps are any medical instrument with points or edges that can puncture skin or a biohazard bin liner. Examples include needles, syringes, scalpels, and even glass.

Proper Labeling

OSHA has specific requirements for how medical facilities communicate the nature of the hazardous material inside medical waste containers.

Employee Training

It is mandatory that all healthcare employees receive proper training on an exposure control plan. This should be done at the time of hiring and updated every year. 

Proper Storage Containers

These containers must be secure enough that no hazardous material can spill out at any time. 

Stay Up to Date 

It is extremely important to stay up to date with all federal and state OSHA regulations to avoid any accidents or fines. 
Patriot Shredding can manage your compliance needs with our online compliance solution. Everything you need to be OSHA compliant, including Safety Training and Certification for all of your employees, is provided all in one place.
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