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Tips for Planning a Paper Purge

There’s a time when old documents and files need to be done away with. Paper purges keep your office clutter-free and your information confidential. When planning a paper purge for your business, follow these tips:

Don’t Procrastinate

The longer you wait to purge old, outdated records, the more this clutter builds up in office areas. This has a huge impact on productivity. Studies have shown that cluttered work spaces are less productive than organized ones. Plus, keeping expired documents and files around too long increases identity theft and business fraud risks.

Seek Professional Support

Without the right resources, purging paper records takes too long. Fortunately, you don’t have to handle the entire job in-house. With the right shredding service, secure, locking bins are placed in your office for free prior to your purge project. After the bins are filled, a uniformed, background-screened shredding technician arrives at your office, collects the contents, and destroys it on-site in your parking lot with a mobile shredding truck or securely transports it to a shredding plant for off-site destruction.

Get Creative

A paper purge doesn’t have to be all work and no play. It’s a great way to break up the usual office routine while collaborating. Make your paper purge a fun collaborative effort by having a contest for which department purges the most paper and have employees guess the total amount shredded. Your paper shredding provider will let you know the total weight of paper shredded so you can offer a prize for the most accurate guess.

Order Pizza

Purging paper records is hard work! Host a pizza lunch for the employees working on your purge project. They will appreciate the gesture and will have enough fuel to get the job done.

Make It Routine

Depending on your retention requirements and how much paper your company uses, you may have to schedule a purge every quarter or even more frequently. You can avoid dealing with huge future shredding purges by investing in a recurring, scheduled shredding service to securely shred your documents on a regular basis. Locked bins and consoles are placed around your facility in places like your lobby, copy room, mail room, executives’ offices, shipping desk, and anywhere else paper lives. You pick a shredding schedule: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or something custom-tailored

When you follow these tips, your next paper purge is sure to be a success!

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