Commercial Hard Drive & Paper Shredding Service in Washington, DC

Commercial Hard Drive & Paper Shredding Service in Washington, DC

For commercial hard drive and document shredding in Washington, DC, choose Patriot Shredding! Our locally owned and operated company is committed to helping businesses secure information and documents with confidential shredding services. With us, you can be confident all personal information and data remains safe and is securely destroyed.

Patriot Shredding offers commercial paper shredding and hard drive destruction services from Richmond, Virginia to Baltimore, Maryland. We proudly serve St. Mary’s County, Montgomery County, Prince George County, Northern Virginia, and Washington, DC with reliable and quality shredding services. No matter what type of commercial shredding services your company requires, you can be confident the entire job is completed securely.

Contact Patriot Shredding or call (240) 206-6030 for commercial shredding services in Washington, DC today!

Our Washington, DC Commercial Shredding Services

Patriot Shredding offers a variety of commercial shredding services to accommodate your DC business. Our wide-range of commercial shredding guarantees you will find a method that works best for you and your company.

Ongoing Scheduled Commercial Shredding

Shredding and securing documents through scheduled commercial shredding is convenient and hassle-free. Our background-screened team will place locked bins or consoles in your Washington, DC office building for free and routinely shred the business documents at specified timeframes. You can schedule ongoing commercial document destruction weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or within a custom timeframe. With this method, you can increase employee productivity, decrease fraud, and help keep your business in compliance.

One-Time Commercial Shredding

If your DC business or company would benefit from one-time commercial paper or hard drive shredding, schedule an appointment with us! A background-screened team member will arrive at your office or building with the proper devices to perform a one-time purge of documents, papers, or hard drives. We are always prepared to effectively destroy large quantities of confidential information, allowing you and your company to focus on what matters.

For ongoing or one-time commercial shredding services in Washington, DC, call (240) 206-6030 or contact us online!

Hard Drive Commercial Shredding

Protecting, securing, and destroying digitally stored information on hard drives in Washington, DC is more important than ever. It is crucial to protecting businesses, employees, and all personal information that goes along with them. Properly destroying any device containing sensitive information including thumb drives, smartphones, and hard drives, is key to securing information and data.

Commercial Drop Off Shredding

To secure all of a company’s information, you can also pack up your paper and hard drives and drop them off at our facility in Rockville, Maryland. We provide the same amount of security and fraud protection that we do for onsite or mobile shredding services. Feel free to drop off paper, documents, or hard drives!

Contact Patriot Shredding for commercial hard drive and drop off shredding in DC now!

Free Commercial Electronics Recycling

For our ongoing scheduled commercial shredding clients in Washington, DC, our drivers will take any approved items for e-cycling when they perform your scheduled service—at no extra charge. If you have a large pile of electronics to recycle, let us know beforehand so we can accommodate your business shredding needs in the best possible way!

Why Should You Hire Patriot Shredding for Commercial Shredding Services?

At Patriot Shredding, we are committed to helping Washington, DC businesses succeed and keep private information safe, and our commercial shredding services help to make this possible.

Owner and founder of Patriot Shredding, Grant DiGioia, is committed to providing reliable commercial shredding services to the Washington, DC-area and has been doing so since 2010. In the wake of an economic downfall, Grant purchased his first shredding truck and dedicated himself to local businesses and customers.

After nearly a decade of work, Grant and his team are thriving. They currently serve Fortune 100 companies, federal agencies and contractors, and hundreds of small local companies with their fleet of trucks.

Schedule Commercial Paper Shredding Services in Washington, DC

Team up with the fastest growing shredding service company in Washington, DC. Patriot Shredding is dedicated to providing reliable and trusted services every time, and will always secure documents, information, and hard drives.

Contact Patriot Shredding or call (240) 206-6030 for commercial shredding services in DC today!  

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