Secure Drop Off Shredding

Monday-Friday 8:30am-1:30pm

We Have Moved!

After 8 years on Wilkins Court we have moved just down the street to Boiling Brook Parkway. Our new facility is MUCH larger (7,500 square feet) and includes a 1,000 square foot high security cage for drop off shredding.

Since we just moved in there is still quite a bit of renovating going on in our offices and outside so please pardon our dust!


5008 Boiling Brook Parkway
Rockville, MD 20852

This address is a little tricky to find. We are tucked away in an industrial park. Please read the How to Find Us section at the bottom of this page.

Dates & Times

Monday-Friday 8:30am-1:30pm.

No appointment necessary! 

If you cannot make it by 1:30pm we can almost always accommodate you. We ask that you please call to let us know what time you expect to arrive and we'll make sure that we have someone here for you.

Currently we have no weekend availability.

Closed on all federal holidays.


$0.40 per pound of paper.

$10 per hard drive.

Desktop computers and laptops are recycled for free.

Assorted e-waste (printers, fax machines, copiers, etc) are $5 each.

We accept cash, check, and credit cards.

Our Secure Process

Bring us your paper and we'll do the rest!

Upon your arrival at our facility please come right in or give us a call letting us know you're here. A Patriot Shredding staff member will come meet you at your car. You tell us what in your car needs to be shredded and we'll do all the work. No need to lift a finger!

We remove your paper from the car, weigh the documents, and transfer them into a secure locked bin. The bin is placed into our high security, video monitored vault. 

You receive a certificate of destruction and pay by cash, check, or credit card. Then you're on your way. It's that easy!

At the end of the day all documents and hard drives that were dropped off that day are shred on-site in one of our shred trucks. The shredding process is totally automated and hands free. No one ever touches or sorts through your documents. 

All shredded paper is securely recycled and turned into glamorous products like paper plates, paper towels, tissues, and toilet paper. 


Can you shred staples and paper clips?

Yes! Staples and paper clips are fine. Please remove any 3 ring binders and non-paper items (no trash!) prior to your arrival.

When do you shred the paper I drop off?

All paper is shredded the same day it is dropped off. When our mobile shredding trucks get back from their daily routes we shred all the paper dropped off that day.

Can I watch my paper being shredded?

At this time our drop off service does not include the option to witness the shredding. If you need to witness the shredding we are happy to send a shred truck to your home or office.

Why can't I meet one of your trucks at your facility to watch my paper being shredded?

Our shredding trucks are out on daily routes servicing our mobile shredding customers. The length of these routes varies greatly. Some days a truck is back by 3pm. Other days no trucks are back until 7pm. Our trucks make upwards of 40 stops per day, shredding around 10,000 pounds of paper. Logistically it is too difficult to say when they'll be back and to arrange a time to meet you at our facility.

How To Find Us

Our facility is tucked away in an industrial park so we can be a little difficult to find. Here are some tips:

  • If you are using the Waze app we are finding that it often directs you to the wrong address. It puts you in the same parking lot as the Goodwill store. We are one parking lot over, closer to Parklawn Drive. The Google Maps app should bring you right to our lot though so if you have that on your phone it's probably best to use.
  • The picture below is what you'll see when you pull into our lot. The property manager doesn't allow us to put up a larger sign. We are in between M&T Marble and Crossfit Hard. We are below Cort Furniture. 
  • You can park where you see those line of cars parked in the picture below or you can pull right up to our loading dock. 
  • We share offices with Mid-Atlantic Installations. They are a furniture installer. Their sign is on the front of the overhang (above the text "Our Loading Dock"). 
  • There is a large green dumpster next to our loading dock. The stairs up to our office can be obscured by it. Walk around the dumpster to the right and you'll see our stairs.
  • If you have any trouble locating us please call 240-206-6030 and we'll help.
Patriot Store Front_LI