Security Considerations of Patriot Shredding

Security Considerations of Patriot Shredding

At Patriot Shredding,we destroy sensitive information onpaper documents or hard drives, which means that our main job is protecting your information’s security. We service highly sensitive material and information daily, therefore security of that information and materials is our top priority.

Improper storage of sensitive files creates a liability of identity theft for your company. We’ve made it our top priority to have a comprehensive and strategic plan in place to keep your information safe. Contrary to popular belief, most information is stolen through traditional paper documents, not online. People not properly disposing of their information means that all of their personal information could just be sitting in a dumpster waiting for someone to take it. That’s why Patriot Shredding has made it as convenient as possible for you to securely dispose of sensitive documentation or hard drives, so that your company can rest easy knowing your information is securely destroyed.

Patriot Shredding services are fully compliant with all state and federal data protection laws, so you never have to worry about a breach of patient or customer information.

Patriot Shredding Privacy Compliance:

Certificates of Destruction are provided with shredding services for your documentation.

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