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5 Low-Cost Privacy Protection Tips for Your Business

Unfortunately, identity theft and business fraud incidents continue to increase. Fortunately, there’s plenty you can do to protect your customers’ and employees’ information without spending a fortune. Here are several low-cost privacy protection tips to keep their information private:

1. Back Up Your Data

Using malware, ransomware and other malicious computer programs, hackers can access your network and steal data in an instant. A backup strategy ensures you have copies of critical files and programs so you don’t have to pay anyone to recover your information. Whether offline to tape or online to the cloud, be sure to back up your data often so you have the latest version of each file.

2. Use a Password Manager

Are you using your name or your pet’s name as part of your password? If so, you’re making it easier for criminals to steal your data. Take advantage of one of several free password managers. These tools generate complex, encrypted passwords for each application you use and let you log in to sites with one master passphrase. And never use the same password for more than one login.

3. Get Smart about Public Wi-Fi

Plopping down with your laptop at your favorite coffee shop may be convenient, but as you’re sipping your latte, your private information may be getting stolen. Public wireless networks are tempting and easy targets for criminals hoping to steal private information. If you need to work on the road, set up a VPN and use your own mobile WiFi card. In addition, your business WiFi network should always be protected with a complex password and WPA-2 encryption.

4. Ditch the Office Shredder

Your office shredder isn’t as secure as you think, especially considering that anyone can dig through your trash and grab a bag of shredded documents. An on-site shredding service lets you ditch your office shredder for a more secure privacy protection solution. Locked shred bins and consoles are placed in your office, allowing your employees to dispose of paper files without having to remove staples, paperclips or even folders. The contents of the containers are collected weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and destroyed on-site at your business. You receive a Certificate of Destruction each time your documents are shredded.

5. Train Your Employees

You can boost privacy protection throughout your organization by educating your employees. Keep them aware of identity theft risks, security best practices, and state and federal privacy requirements. When armed with knowledge and the right tools, your staff is the first line of defense against privacy threats!

By taking advantage of these five tips, you can build a cost-effective privacy protection plan for your business.

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