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Choosing the Best Paper Shredding Option for Your Business

You may already know the benefits of professional paper shredding and understand how a managed document destruction solution saves you money, keeps your staff productive and prevents privacy breaches. But do you know which shredding service best suits your organization’s needs? Settling on the right shredding service requires more than just trusting your gut. Here’s how to choose the best shredding option for your business.

Routine Scheduled Shredding

If you and your staff spend time every day shredding files with an office paper shredder, a routine scheduled shredding service could be a great solution for your business. Your provider delivers secure, locked bins or consoles to your facility free of charge and places them in offices and mailrooms, next to copiers and other high-traffic areas. When the bins and consoles are full, a background-screened document destruction specialist collects them for either on-site or off-site destruction. Your destruction schedule is tailored to your document disposal needs and personal preferences. Whether it’s on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly schedule, your records are destroyed securely and promptly. And best of all, you spend less time shredding and more time focusing on your business!

One-Time Shredding

Piles of documents that are awaiting destruction grow quickly, for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, retention schedules are neglected and documents aren’t destroyed in a timely way. Other times, archival files reach their final disposition date all at the same time. No matter the circumstances, if the papers you need to destroy have gotten out of control, you need quick relief.

A one-time shredding service is perfect for destroying large volumes of documents all at once. As with a routine scheduled shredding service, your provider can supply collection containers or collect boxes of expired files from your office for secure destruction. You decide which option works best for you.

On-Site Mobile Shredding

Many compliance-driven organizations require visual verification of the document destruction process or simply want to make sure their documents are securely destroyed then and there. If you need one or both of these assurances, then on-site shredding is the right choice. Your documents are collected by a background-screened, uniformed professional and destroyed in a mobile shredding vehicle on-site at your business. A staff member can witness the entire destruction process before receiving a Certificate of Destruction that proves your company’s compliance with regulations.

Off-Site Shredding

Although on-site shredding is the preferred method of destroying confidential documents, off-site shredding also offers reliable privacy protection. The only difference is that your documents are transported to a shredding plant for secure same-day destruction, rather than being destroyed on-site with a mobile shredding vehicle. If you have limited parking space for a mobile shredding truck, would rather have your documents destroyed off premises, or don’t need to witness the destruction process firsthand, then off-site shredding is an option.

When you understand which shredding option best serves your business, you will be able to implement a privacy solution with full confidence!

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