Paper Shredding in Bethesda, MD

Paper Shredding in Bethesda, MD

Computers were supposed to alleviate the need for paper records. Instead, they created mountains of medical records, receipts, and files of all shapes and sizes. Storing these documents takes up considerable space within the office. This is valuable real estate that can be put to much better uses.

When the time comes to dispose of these documents, you can't just toss them in the trash or hold a bonfire in the parking lot. These documents must be thoroughly shredded and recycled. This ensures that the information they contain remains secure and their impact on the environment is minimal.

Contact Patriot Shredding at (240) 206-6030 or reach out to us online to schedule your Bethesda paper shredding service!

What Documents Need to be Shredded?

In general, anything that contains private information should be shredded. Among many others, this includes receipts, transaction records, bank statements, medical records, and employee records. These items should be carefully segregated and marked for disposal. This helps ensure that you don't shred documents that are still subject to compliance periods.

Ready to dispose of old files and outdated records? Contact Patriot Shredding at (240) 206-6030. It would be our pleasure to help you destroy the documents you no longer need to store.

Bethesda’s Secure Paper Shredding Experts

Data breaches can occur when files are moved from a secured storage site to the disposal center. That is why you want to select a company that carefully monitors the chain of custody from your location through destruction. Our clients in Maryland, DC, and Virginia depend on us because we provide detailed records that show who has handled the documents and how they were disposed of at every stage of the process.

Regulation-Compliant Paper Shredding in Bethesda

Different documents require different disposal processes. Our services are compliant with requirements laid out within HIPAA and FACTA. This helps protect the privacy of the data as well as the reputation of your operations. We help clients determine what steps are required to ensure compliance and outline the procedures we recommend for document storage, sorting, and disposal. Failure to comply with the law can result in significant penalties and fines which is why we help our clients understand the applicable laws and adjust their operations accordingly.

Contact Patriot Shredding at (240) 206-6030 to discuss your document disposal needs. We will be happy to answer your questions about compliance and to help you identify and correct any deficiencies within your current operations.

Eco-Friendly Paper Shredding Services in Bethesda

We recycle every item that can be reintegrated into the materials stream. This helps keeps untold tons of paper waste from rotting beneath the dirt. It also helps saves tens of thousands of trees, hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil, and millions of kilowatts of electricity each year. We care about the beauty of the region and do everything we can to ensure that our services and our client's operations have a minimal impact on future generations. The only records we want to leave behind are those that involve clean skies, green forests, and a healthy ecosystem throughout Northern Virginia.

Contact Patriot Shredding at (240) 206-6030 to discuss the things we do to ensure that our operations have a positive benefit for the community. We will be glad to tell you more about our environmentally friendly record that is highly regarded within the document shredding industry.

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