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All about Hard Drive Destruction Vol.4

1. Advantages of Hard Drive Shredding Most people get worried when they are about electronic media destruction i.e. recycling of electronic components like their computers. Data in the disk is not permanently removed unless you deliberately remove yourself through overwriting, physical disk destruction, and degaussing. Electronic media destruction is the

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electronic waste disposal washington dc virginia maryland

All about E-Waste Disposal Vol.4

1. A Brief History on the Electronic Waste Disposal Industry The history of electronic waste disposal generally began in the mid-70s. Since 1976, with the passage of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), it has been illegal to dump e-waste in the United States. Since the Basel Convention in 1989,

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All about On-site Shredding Vol.4

1. How Mobile Shredding Companies Are Changing the Industry Mobile shredding companies are changing the way many companies do business. With the introduction of computers and online storage and archiving systems, businesses are finding it much easier to store their important documents electronically. Using electronic storage methods eliminates the need for

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electronic waste disposal virginia washington maryland

All about E-Waste Disposal Vol.3

1. The Electronic Menace: Why E-waste is a Major Concern Today The world today is in the midst of a rapidly expanding wave of digitization. As technology evolves and continues to automate functions across industries, countries across geographies have witnessed visible growth in the use of electronic devices across every sector.

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hard drive destruction washington dc maryland virginia

All about Hard Drive Destruction Vol.3

1. Any Hard Drive Not Properly Destroyed Puts You at Risk It’s important to Patriot Shredding that we keep our customers information safe. That means being informed and understanding the risk that goes into proper hard drive destruction. Sometimes, companies will think they are doing everything to keep their customers information

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All about Medical Waste Disposal Vol. 3

1. Choosing A Medical Waste Disposal Company` It’s important to properly dispose of medical waste, that’s why we’ve brought you some other articles in the past about how to do. In this article, they do a great job of bringing together some reasons and tips for how to choose a good

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