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on site paper shredding washington dc maryland virginia

All about On-site Shredding Vol.3

1. What Documents Should I Shred and What Should I Keep? We provided a couple articles already explaining all about On-site Shredding and why it’s important. But after that, what do you do? It sounds easy, but how do you know what documents to keep and which ones to shred? That’s

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electronic waste disposal maryland virginia washington dc

All about E-Waste Disposal Vol.2

1. What is E-Waste ? It can be difficult to remember to get rid of the electronic waste that’s sitting around in your home or office, much less how it should be disposed of. That’s why we at Patriot Shredding are here to inform you the importance of proper electronic waste

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hard drive destruction washington dc virginia maryland

All about Hard Drive Destruction Vol.2

1. Hard Drive Shredding Guide It is important to understand that the hard drive within your laptop or computer contains all of your important information that is just a simple click away to those who know how to use or hack into it. That’s why when you’re ready to upgrade your

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on site paper shredding washington dc virginia maryland

All about On-site Shredding Vol.2

1. Records Retention No matter if you’re a home or business, you have sensitive paperwork and files sitting within your home. Whether you collected a relatives old records after they passed away or you have years worth of clients records from your business that’s been open for the past 20 years,

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medical waste disposal removal virginia washington dc maryland

All about Medical Waste Disposal Vol. 2

1. What Is Medical Waste? At Patriot Shredding, it’s important for us to bring our customers all the information we can about the risks they could be in with their electronic or medical waste. We found this great resource of the definite guide to medical waste, where they do a great

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medical waste removal disposal maryland washington dc virginia

All about Medical Waste Disposal Vol. 1

Patriot MedWaste understands the importance of the following protocol and complying when performing medical waste disposal. Our professional medical waste company thoroughly understands and obeys all regulations of medical waste disposal in Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland. We are also proactive in ensuring you stay in compliance when disposing of

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